Writing Prompts or Blog Posts Ideas for 2021

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30 Exciting Writing Prompts and Blog Posts Ideas for 2021

Writing Prompts and Blog Posts Ideas for 2021

Writing Prompts and Blog Posts Ideas for 2021. Consisting of Five-word descriptions, Food Related. Some music prompts and lifestyle prompt too.

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Five words to describe myself at the age…

5 words to describe your day on a beach

Five words to describe your favorite dessert

5 Share the love bloggers you read

5 Share the blogger resources that make writing successful

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Write about a Travel adventure and include a food review

Write about the food you always receive requests to prepare

Have you ever taught someone to make a food substitute at the grocery store?

Write about tasting a portion of food even though you were asked to wait 24 hours.

Write about a portion of food you had the chance to experience and now regret you said no.

Music Writing Prompts or Blog Posts Ideas

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Write about the best break up song you have heard, even if you have not had a breakup

Write a post based on Alanis Morissette’s song ” You Learn”

Share the love for 5 music bloggers

Write about your music collection in the 1980s versus the present day

Put your device on shuffle and write about the first 3 songs you skip

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Writing Prompts or Blog Post on Lifestyle

Share the love for 5 lifestyle bloggers

Write about the 2021 decorating trend you are attempting

Write about the challenges of a home library in a small space

Have you become a minimalist and was it a challenge?

Write about being a pet owner or not a pet owner.

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